Time and wealth

One king announced that the person who was caught lying would be fined five dinars. People also feared each other that if they were caught lying, there would be a penalty, The king and the minister disguised themselves and roamed the city. When tired, stay with a businessman to rest, he gave tea to both of them, the king asked the businessman: “How old are you?”. The trader said “20 years”. How much money do you have? “Twenty-five thousand dinars” trader replied. The king asked: “How many are your children? The trader replied: “One”.

When he came back and checked the businessman’s data and property in the government office, his statement was different, The king summoned the businessman to the court and repeated the same three questions. The businessman gave the same answers. The king told the minister: “Fine fifteen dinars on it and submit it to the public treasury. Because he has lied three, he is 35 years old in government papers,” He has more than 70,000 dinars, and has five boys.

The trader said: 20 years of life are spent with righteousness and faith. That is what I consider my age and I have spent 70,000 dinars in my life in the construction of a mosque, consider it my wealth and Four children are molested and immoral; one child is good, which I consider my child. On hearing this, the king withdrew the penalty and said to the businessman: “We are pleased with your reply, only that time should be counted which is pass in good deeds, that part of wealth is reliable which is spend in the path of God and only those are valuable children whose habits are good”.